Alec Holmes


I'm a software engineer with a wide-ranging background. Currently at Chronosphere, I'm building customer-facing alerting infrastructure, working on both the product and backend to support the observability needs of other sophisticated tech enterprises.

Prior to my current role, I worked as a senior staff engineer at Square's Cash App to help ship a Kubernetes-based platform running in AWS for product engineers at Cash App, including deploying a service mesh using Istio, scaling an internal pub/sub system using Kafka, and helping managing compute resources.

In the earlier days of Square, I was tech lead for the accounting and settlements systems as well as the reboot of the company's public developer platform.

Side projects


Spotlight is service for helping friends share music by collaborating on Spotify playlists. Listeners subscribe to shared playlists and are emailed whenever another person adds tracks to the playlist.

Cycling Weather

For cyclists in the microclimate-rich Bay Area, outings can traverse a variety of weather during even short trips. An information-dense weather mini-app helps plan at a glance, in a mobile-friendly format.


CSVQL helps with lightweight data analysis of CSV. Users paste in their CSV data and can run SQL queries over it. Querying is supported with SQLite cross-compiled to Javascript, so data is not transmitted to any server.


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